Athens, Greece: Photos

In January, I took a trip to Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy. I stayed in Greece for 3 days, went to Italy for 4 days, then came back to Greece for 3 more days. Athens is definitely now one of my favorite places; it’s such a unique city!

Mars Hill, where the apostle Paul gave a sermon
Greek Parliament
Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern-day Olympics were held.
Chairs, probably for someone important, at Panathenaic Stadium
Monastiraki Square

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I don’t have any crazy stories from Greece, although getting to Greece was a bit of an adventure:

My flight was really early in the morning, and the airport in Aden is about 3 hours away, so I left for Aden the night before my flight. The principal of the school owns a house in Aden (his sister-in-law lives in the house), so he let me stay there for the night. The same driver that took me to Aden also took me to the airport. I left for the airport probably around 3 am, then we picked up a friend of the principal who works at the airport to make sure everything went smoothly for me because it was my first time traveling to or from the airport without any other teachers.

Everything went well, and I was on my way to Amman, Jordan, where I had a layover. As soon as I got to Amman, I turned my phone on and connected to the internet. I went on Facebook, and there was a message from my co-worker asking if I had made it to the airport. She said the airport closed because of an incident (sound familiar?) This is pretty much the same exact thing that would happen to me again in March (which I already wrote about.) I can’t even remember what the incident in January was, but I know a few days passed and it all blew over, like usual. But when this happened again in March, it (obviously) did not blow over quickly.

So, yes, I have now escaped Yemen TWICE right before a major incident has occurred at the airport.

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