Baseball games and squatty potties

On Saturday I went to a professional baseball game with a bunch of my co-workers. One of them managed to get 20 free tickets somehow, so we all went. I went with just a couple of my co-workers, and when we got off the bus we weren’t exactly sure where to go. Just as we were trying to figure out which way to go, some fireworks went off. Thanks, universe. We headed toward the fireworks and found the stadium. As we were walking to the end of the line to get in, I noticed that people in line were carrying boxes of pizza and chicken to bring into the game with them. This would NEVER fly in the states. In fact, I almost brought a water bottle with me to the game but didn’t take it because I thought they probably wouldn’t let me bring it in. I was wrong. We finally got in and met up with everyone else. The stadium really wasn’t that big, but it was still a decent size. It was just a typical baseball game– people were yelling cheers in Korean. And they played “Baby” by Justin Bieber four times. FOUR TIMES. That’s 4 too many. Korea is obsessed with the Biebs. Here’s some pictures of the stadium:

Outside the stadium
Outside the stadium

20130330_145315 20130330_145328

During the game, my co-worker (Christina) and I went to the bathroom. Shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary, right? Nope. We got in the bathroom and Christina opened a stall door and said “Oh this one’s a squatty potty”. A squatty potty is basically just a hole in the ground that you go to the bathroom in. So we looked at a few of the stalls and they also had squatty potties. I looked at Christina and said “I’ve never used a squatty potty.. I don’t know what to do”. So I go inside and she’s (luckily) standing right outside. I’m in the stall and I’m yelling out to her, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know which way I’m supposed to face! HELLLLLP”. I finally figure it out and then realize there’s no toilet paper in the bathroom when I’m done. So again, I yell “CHRISTINA THERE’S NO TOILET PAPER. HELP” and she gives me some tissues that she had in her purse. I can’t imagine what other people in the bathroom were thinking. Apparently it’s not common for public restrooms to have toilet paper. I didn’t know that. Then I found out that there were western toilets just a little bit further down. And of course I took a picture of it. It’s really dark, but you can still see it. It looks like it’s on a wall, but it’s not. It’s the floor.


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