But how are you.. really?

Some people have asked me how Korea really is. What I like or don’t like about it. Honestly.. I really like it here for the most part. There’s few things I don’t like, and I would have the same problem if I were back in the states. Korea is great, and really safe. The only thing I have to worry about is getting hit by a car. The people are really friendly for the most part and love talking to me to practice their English. I’m like a celebrity. Sometimes they can seem rude and scary (think Lane’s mom from Gilmore Girls), but most of them seem to love seeing foreigners.

Teaching is still going pretty well. I’m now the head teacher of one of the Kindergarten classes (Venus class), and there’s 9 kids in that class. The guy that was the head teacher left, so now I’m the head teacher since I’ve been here a few months now. It’s not a huge deal, I just get to teach them more reading instead of teaching things like science and music. There might be more responsibilities that I don’t know about it yet. Teaching some of the older kids can be REALLY difficult. A lot of these kids have been studying English for years, and they hate it.. so they’re just done and don’t want to do anything. They’re only there because their parents are making them. It makes my job really difficult because they want to talk the entire time, but if we don’t get through the material, the parents will complain. It’s really frustrating. I’m sure they’re really frustrated too.. I wouldn’t be too happy if my parents were making me be in school all day, but it’s a culture thing. So I get really frustrated and it’s really exhausting trying to get the kids to pay attention. That’s the most difficult part of my job.

I still haven’t felt any culture shock,and I’ve actually never experienced culture shock before. It’s definitely a blessing. I don’t feel homesick either. Of course I miss everyone, but I don’t get upset about it. I Skype with my parents a lot, so it kind of feels like I never even left. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel in about 3 months from now. I know there will be times when I’ll be sad I’m not at home (like Christmas eve), but hopefully it’ll just be temporary.. I don’t want to get too homesick! I’m hoping to travel to some other countries while I’m here, so maybe I’ll experience culture shock then.

So everything is going well, and I’m doing great.. really.

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