Cooking Day

Every Tuesday there’s some sort of different event going on. Last week we had our birthday party, and this week was cooking pizza. I had no idea what to expect for cooking day, so luckily there was another teacher in the room with me. All the kids have aprons, so we helped them get their aprons on and went to the kitchen. Today they were cooking “tortilla pizza”, which has onions, corn, and cheese. It was actually really good!! The kids had to put pizza sauce on the tortilla, then add the corn, onions, and the cheese. Then they got to eat it! It wasn’t lunch time when my class made their pizza, but it was really close to lunch time. Each class was scheduled at a different time for cooking, and the class I was with was scheduled last. Next week we’re supposed to go to the fire station.. that should be interesting!

I’ve also been trying to learn Korean. It’s pretty difficult. When I was learning Spanish, it was a lot easier because the Spanish alphabet is pretty much the same as the English alphabet. But the Korean alphabet is really different from the English alphabet and their letters just look like symbols. With Spanish, I just had to memorize vocabulary and didn’t have to worry about memorizing a different alphabet. With Korean I have to memorize the alphabet, which I’m still working on, plus memorize vocabulary. Even though I know most of the Korean alphabet now, it’s still difficult. I would be able to write the word “table” in Korean, but in Korean, “table” is “takja”, so it’s a totally different word. This is probably confusing to read. Or really easy to read but I’m complicating it, I don’t know. Some of my coworkers are planning to take Korean classes at the YMCA. I haven’t decided if I want to do that or not since it costs money. It would be cool, but I’m also doing a pretty decent job at teaching myself, I just have to stick with it. Which I’m not good at doing.

For some funny news, a couple times I have just been walking down the street and someone will walk up and say hello. Then they ask where I’m from and how old I am, shake my hand and say bye. It’s just funny the way they do it. The first time it happened, someone else was with me, and I wasn’t sure what was going on. I was told that people will do that just because they want to speak English. I think it’s neat that people do that.

Work has been pretty busy this week because we have to submit book requests and lesson plans. It’s been kind of stressful and difficult just because I’m new and have no idea what I’m doing. It will get a lot easier once I figure everything out!

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  1. Been catching up on your blog. Wow so exciting hope you are having fun also, all work and no play and all. Keep up all your good work. Remember to pray and may God bless you.

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