Dalseong Park

I meant to write about this when it happened (about a month ago), but I totally forgot about it until now. We took the Kindergartners to the park for a picnic. It was mentioned that it was also a zoo, so I assumed it would be a really small zoo that had a few farm animals or something. We got to the park, and it was an actual zoo.. and it’s a free zoo! It had all kinds of birds, monkeys, lions, zebras, elephants, and more. So we walked around and saw all the animals, and the kids were pretty excited. Then we had lunch and headed back to SLP. I was SO excited to take pictures on this field trip.. but I left my camera in a bag instead of putting it in my purse. I realized I didn’t have it when we were pulling out of SLP. Bummer. But the director’s husband, Kevin, always takes a lot of pictures of our events and posts them on the website. So here’s some pictures that Kevin took:

Pluto class
Comet class being crazy
This picture just makes me laugh a lot
This one also makes me laugh a lot
Venus class
Jupiter class
Comet class girls

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