Downtown Daegu

Sunday night I went to downtown with my coworkers. My coworkers are really awesome and fun! We went to a little cafe place, which didn’t fill us up at all, so we went looking for street food. Then I really wanted ice cream (imagine that), so we found a little ice cream shop called Natuur. And while I was in downtown, I spotted more familiar restaurants: Cold Stone Creamery, McDonald’s, Quiznos, and Bennigan’s.

Street food. I didn't try any, though.
Street food. I didn’t try any, though. I wasn’t really hungry by the time we got there, and I had to save room for ice cream!
Downtown. Not a very busy/bright spot at all, but this is where I took pictures.
Street food. That you can't really see because of the bright lights.
More street food… that you can’t really see because of the bright lights.
Downtown.. also not a very busy spot.


Everyday at work I get a free lunch, which is pretty awesome. The kids eat in their classrooms, and 1 teacher goes in each class to eat with them and supervise. Some days I don’t eat with any class, so I just eat in the kitchen. We have rice every single day. I like rice, it just doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor to it. They also have kimchi almost every day, but I haven’t tried it. Being a picky eater is not fun.. I’m more than willing to try things, but if I don’t like the way something smells, I’m not putting it in my mouth. That’s just asking for a disaster. When the kids get food, every spot in their tray has something in it, and the oranges don’t sit in the tray, they sit on the lid of their trays. There’s a lot of food available, but this is what I ate today.

This is what I ate for lunch. Notice the chopsticks. I'll be a pro soon.
This is what I ate for lunch today. Notice the chopsticks. I’ll be a pro soon.


On Tuesday, we’ll be having a birthday party! Every month there’s a birthday party and we celebrate everybody’s birthday in that month. So tomorrow we’ll celebrate everyone who has a birthday in March. From seeing pictures on my school’s website, these birthday parties seem like a big deal. I’m so excited! There will be cake and they make pizza. It sounds like it’ll be an awesome chaotic day.

Here’s my school’s website (but it’s all in Korean!):

Click enter on the first page you see. Scroll down and you can see pictures. If you click on any of those 4 pictures, you’ll see that it’s a photo album that has more pictures. You’ll see “Photo Album of SLP” and to the right of that is a blue button. If you click on that, you can see even more pictures. I’m sure I’ll be in some of those pictures soon!

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  1. Good move on the kimchi, in my opinion it tastes worse than it smells. Are they still giving unlimited refills on rice? Just about every place I went when I was there would. If you like soy sauce thats what I would put on it to give it a different flavor. They did have some really good ice cream over there.

    1. Haha! I actually haven’t been to any Korean restaurants, so I’m not sure if they give unlimited refills on rice or not. The rice from work is just what they make in the kitchen. I don’t think I knew that you were in Korea. Were you there with the military?

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