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What website did you take your TEFL course through?

I took the course through a website called i-to-i (http://www.i-to-i.com/tefl-course/). I couldn’t tell you how I found this website, I literally have no idea. A more reputable course is http://oxfordseminars.com/. Probably more expensive. I used i-to-i because it was cheap.. and had a sale going on for the course.

Which course did you take?

The cheap one. That would be the online 40-hour course. Several different courses are offered, including combined courses where some of it is online and some of it is in the classroom. I took the 40 hour course because a lot of places don’t require you to be certified, but it does make you a little more qualified if you have a TEFL course under your belt. Some countries require the 120 hour course, and I think that that is mostly in Europe.

What are the qualifications to teach English as a Second Language?

It depends on the country, but a lot of them are pretty much the same. Basically all countries require a Bachelor’s degree. The great thing is the degree can be in anything! Mine is in General Studies, but it’s a Bachelor’s, so I qualify. Some countries may require a TEFL course, as stated above. You also have to be a native English speaker.

How did you find out about what jobs are available?

I used the job board on i-to-i. http://www.onlinetefl.com/tefl-jobs-abroad/tefl-jobs-board/. I also used a school directory on Oxford Seminars (http://oxfordseminars.com/esl-schools-directory/). I just picked a country and city, looked at the list of schools, then googled the schools and applied to some of them.

What recruiting company did you use?

I used a company called Gloii Recruiting Services (http://rs.gloii.com/). I think I found it on the jobs board and just applied. I was contacted immediately and had an interview with Tony, the owner. He introduced me to a school and I got an interview with the school and got a job offer.


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