I’m moving to… Korea?

That’s right! I move to Daegu, Korea in February!! OH MY GOODNESS. Most people ask me how it all happened… and seriously, it all happened way faster than I intended it to. I started taking an online TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course towards the end of my trip to Spain. The course was on sale (does that sound sketchy? That sounds sketchy..) and I guess I was feeling adventurous and signed up for it. On the website I took the course through, they have a jobs board where teaching jobs abroad are posted. I couldn’t tell you when, but at some point I decided to start applying for some of those jobs. I applied to several different schools in several different countries because I don’t necessarily have a preference of where I want to start. I applied to schools in Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Originally my plan was to wait until June or July, because I signed a lease that ends in June or July and I knew I wouldn’t get out of that contract. When I was applying, the apps asked when I could start, and I just put March or April and figured I’d just see what happens. One of the places I applied to is a recruiting service. So you apply, then they interview you and set you up with a school. The school then interviews you and gives a job offer. Badaboom badabing. New job.

Before I heard that the school in Korea wanted to interview me, I also had an interview with a school in Vietnam. Which is awesome.. because one of my roommates is from Vietnam! I had a lot of problems with communicating with the school in Vietnam, but eventually had an interview via Skype, and was told I’d hear back in a few days. A week passed, and still nothing. I finally found out that I did have a job offer! I found this out about 15 minutes before my interview with the school in Korea. I decided to have the interview with Korea, even though I was wanting to accept the job in Vietnam. Shortly after I had the interview with Korea (probably an hour after the interview), I was told that the school in Korea had a job offer for me and was sent a contract immediately. I took a few days to decide what I wanted to do, and decided to go with Korea because I never heard back from Vietnam.

Currently I’m working through the process of getting a visa. There’s a lot of paperwork involved, and there may be some trips to other cities to get everything I need. I had to send in a criminal background check, and as soon as I get that back I can send other papers. Then some other things that I don’t remember will happen, and eventually I get my visa. My start date for teaching is February 24th, and they want me to arrive in Korea on the 20th or 21st. This all happened so fast, and it doesn’t even feel real! Please feel free to ask any questions about anything.

If you want more details about about this process, read the FAQs section!

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  1. I will be watching you on your blog and am very interested in your impressions of the country and the people. I wish all the best of everything for your journey and cant wait to see you grow as you broaden your horizons. Good Luck the only thing I can offer as advise is to be open, meet lots of people of different backrounds, and keep your heart open too you never know who you might meet. God has a plan for you trust in him and trust your heart. Love you and I will be following you with great interest.

    1. Deane,

      I’m so glad you found my blog! And I’m really glad you’ll be following it 🙂 I will definitely update it, I actually start work in just a couple of hours! Thanks so much for your encouragement 🙂

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