Learning how to balance/shift weight on the bus

This is real life. Figuring out how to balance yourself when you’re standing on the bus is very important because the driving here is insane. Today I was riding the bus and all of the seats filled up quickly and I ended up sitting next to a woman. An elderly woman got on the bus a little later, and there were no more seats, so I got up and let her have mine. I hate standing on the bus because the way they drive is insane and I always feel like I’m going to fall down. And I have almost fallen down several times because they hit the brakes a lot and it sends you flying if you’re not holding on for dear life. I have learned that shifting my weight from one foot to the other helps a lot. When we’re at a stop, and I know the bus driver is going to floor it because apparently we’re in a NASCAR race, I shift all my weight on my back leg so I don’t fall on the floor. How¬†embarrassing¬†would that be to just fall on the floor? If they’re just driving, I have my legs shoulder length apart so that I can be equally balanced. It’s a science. Sometimes my body just totally swings around. It’s crazy. So as I was standing on the bus being tossed around, I was thinking about balancing and crazy Korean driving and we came up to another stop. The lady that I sat down by when I first got on the bus tapped my shoulder and pointed to her now empty seat, next to the elderly woman I gave my seat to. I start walking to the seat, and what happens? The bus driver floors it and I go flying forward and basically fall on top of the elderly woman. So basically I gave this sweet, precious woman my seat, then a little bit later I sat on her. I’m the worst.

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  1. This is too funny. I went from being proud of you for giving your seat up to the lady to feeling sorry for her. Sounds like you better work on your core if your going to be there for a year. Thanks for the laughs.
    Love you.

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