Middle Eastern Wedding

Saturday evening, I went to a wedding– where I didn’t know the bride or groom, and didn’t even see either one of them.

Weddings here are a lot different than western weddings. First, men and women are separate from each other. I think all the men do is sit around and chew qat, but that’s all I know about it. For women, there’s a lot more to it. Since there will only be women, they can dress however they want and take off their headscarves and baltos. It becomes a competition of who looks the best and has the best dress.

Here’s my dress:


The wedding I went to started at 4, but there were only a few people there when I arrived. The bride arrives several hours later. A friend from the school went with me– a local, not a foreigner. I didn’t want to stay long because I had a stomachache, so we left around 6:30, and the bride still hadn’t showed up yet! From the start of the wedding til the time the bride gets there, it’s pretty much like a reception at an American wedding.. a lot of dancing! And music so loud that you can’t even talk to the person next to you without screaming. There wasn’t any food, but I’ve heard they do serve food at some weddings. I think there’s a ceremony a few days before the wedding, but the couple can’t be intimate until after the wedding. I think the bride’s parents also come to the wedding, and walk her down the aisle.

I tried to search Google for pictures of wedding halls, but couldn’t find any… so here’s a picture of a dog instead:


This is all I know. I’m still very confused about the wedding process here, but it was fun to dress up!


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