Sad/Awesome/Exciting things!

This week has been sad, awesome, and exciting. I’ll start with the sad. Tuesday was my last day at work, and my co-workers absolutely spoiled me. When I got to work they had pizza and brownies for me, along with some presents like a bouquet of candy and a laptop bag filled with travel/teaching things! But my favorite was this:


I cried when they gave me this. SO precious. My little babies! 

And today I finally got my visa number! Yay! The final thing to do is send my passport and visa application to the Korean Consulate in Chicago, which I already did! They’ll put the visa in my passport, and I’ll be ready to go! So exciting! I thought this day would never come. Hopefully I’ll be leaving for Korea in about a week! 

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  1. I love reading about your journey! It gives me comfort knowing that I’m more or less following in your footsteps. Hopefully I’m not too far behind you (still waiting for my FBI background check :-/). Also, I just realized that our banner photos are very, very similar!

    Keep updating!! These posts are so encouraging.

  2. Aww, thanks Allison! It seems like the process never ends, but it’s finally all coming together for me! And it will for you too!! I will definitely keep you updated! How soon are you supposed to leave? And to be honest, I saw your banner photo and remembered I had one similar where I’m on a mountain in upstate New York, and wanted to use it. So.. I kind of copied you. Hope that’s okay.

    1. totally okay!! flattering, really!

      i’m trying to get out of here next month or in april, but for some reason it seems i keep hitting road blocks with the whole process. frustrating. i just want to leave already!!

      also, i was wondering how you decided on where to go in korea. i decided seoul right off the bat, but now i’m looking more and more at busan! just wondering about your thought process there. maybe another blog entry? 🙂

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