There’s so much to do!

There are so many things that have to get done in order to get a visa. It’s overwhelming. I knew there would be a lot of stuff to do, but I didn’t know exactly how much. There’s 2 phases for getting the visa, so it’s kind of a long process. I have to send a bunch of documents to Korea, then I should get a visa issuance number. I then have to send more documents, along with the visa application, to the Korean consulate in Chicago. I can go to the Korean consulate in person and drop off the documents, so I may do that to save time.

I had to get an FBI criminal background check first, which takes a while to get back, so I’m still waiting for that. When I get that back, I have to get that and a copy of my bachelor’s degree notarized, then apostilled. Don’t ask me about that process.. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. Eventually I’ll receive my E-2 visa, assuming everything goes through and I’ll be one step closer to Korea!

Approximately 7 weeks before I leave, and I’m sure that time will fly by.. and there’s still plenty to do. I want to donate or sell a bunch of my stuff, so I really need to work on doing that. If anyone knows of any places having a garage sale as a fundraiser, let me know! Hopefully I’ll be more productive and get everything done!

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