Things I will miss about Korea


Even though there were things I didn’t like about Korea, there are definitely a lot of things I will miss about Korea.

1. Davinci Coffee, my favorite coffee shop. I loved their hot chocolate, brownies, cookies, and ciabatta sandwiches. I used to meet my small group there every week, and the shops are conveniently everywhere.

2. My small group. I started this group over the summer because there was no group that I was able to go to because of the times and locations. The group started with only me and 2 other Americans, but it ended up growing and a few Koreans starting coming every week. I’ve heard it’s grown even more since I’ve left. This group challenged me a lot and I will really miss them.

With my small group at Davinci Coffee


3. Suseong lake. This lake was a 15 minute walk from my apartment, and I loved walking to it, especially at night. It’s a lovely area filled with coffee shops and even a little carnival called “Suseong Land”. It’s a very bright and lively place.


4. Having ATMs and internet access everywhere. My bank had an ATM on what seemed like every block. It was great because you use the ATMs to pay bills, and it was the only way I could withdraw money (I didn’t have a debit card, so I had to withdraw money often.) And ATM fees are very small.. it costs about $.50 each time, even if it isn’t your own bank’s ATM.

In any given spot, you can find WiFi. Usually you can find free WiFi, but sometimes that’s a little more difficult. It was wonderful when I needed to contact someone, but didn’t want to use minutes on my phone.

5. Dongshin English Service. This is the amazing church I went to. The church is called Dongshin and is a Korean church, but of course I went to the service in English. I’ve heard that there’s services in several languages, including Chinese and Russian. This church felt like home. I got involved right away with the welcome team, and eventually lead a small group. I met a lot of great people there who will be lifelong friends.

At a conference with my church

6. Venus class. My babies! This is my lovely Kindergarten class. I love them very much and was so sad to leave them. They graduated the week I left, so I think I left at a good time. All of the parents in this class were really great too, so it helped make everything much easier. These kids have tested my patience and taught me many things.

20131023_115005 20131023_115137

There are many things about Korea that I will miss, but I’m very excited about my next adventure!

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