Things I will miss

One of my really close friends went on the World Race last year, and made a blog post about what she would miss while she was gone for 11 months. So I’m copying this idea.

So, some things I will miss:

1. Of course my family and friends! I’ve never been away from home this long, so it will definitely be a challenge.

2. My car. I’ll be using public transportation in Korea, and I’ll miss being able to get in my car and drive whenever and wherever I want.

3. Christmas Eve at grandma’s. I LOVE having Christmas Eve at grandma’s every year because I get to see all of my aunts and uncles and it’s just a lot of fun, and I doubt I’ll come home for Christmas, so I’m definitely going to miss being there with my family!

4. South Side Church of Christ family. My home church.. I will miss everyone there. These people have watched me grow up!

5. Stepping Stones Children’s Center. I am going to miss my toddlers SO much! I’m sure I will cry on my last day of work. I’m with these kids every afternoon, and I’m definitely attached to them. I will miss their love, and hugs and kisses! Even though I end up sick a lot from their kisses..

6. My coworkers at Stepping Stones! I’m definitely going to miss them.. they’re so much fun!

7. Having a phone, and being able to contact people easily.

8. A dryer. For some reason, they don’t use dryers in Korea, so I’ll just have to hang dry my clothes. Yay.

9. An oven. Another thing I probably won’t have in Korea.

10. My apartment/roommates. I love my apartment in Charleston, and I’m definitely going to miss living with Jessica, Aminta and Minh! They are all such fun people, so living with them has been fun and crazy!

These are just some things I will miss.. I’m sure there’s a lot more I forgot, so feel free to add anything!

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