This is the process that never ends…

Let me tell you all about my trip to get some documents apostilled. First of all, an apostille is just an authentication that the documents are real and that the signatures are real. Or something like that. The documents I had to get apostilled were the FBI Criminal Background Check, and a copy of my bachelor’s degree.

So on Tuesday night, I went to Champaign to visit my friends AJ & Katrina (an awesome couple that I met at EIU), and I spent the night at their apartment because in the morning I had to leave really early to go to Springfield, which is about an hour and a half from Champaign, and 2 hours from Charleston. And I had to be back in Mattoon by 11:45 am because I had to work. Long day. I got to Springfield and found the Secretary of State Index office, and went in hoping everything would go smoothly.

Not a chance.

I go in and tell them I need an apostille for two documents. The lady was not friendly… I did not feel welcome. Then I took the background check & bachelor’s degree to a different lady, and she said “I can’t apostille the background check… it’s a federal document”. What? Turns out the Department of State has to apostille a federal document, but I didn’t know this. She explained that I would have to send it to DC to get it apostilled, which will (hopefully) take about a week. I was disappointed, because I was hoping that once I got the documents apostilled, I could go to FedEx and mail them off to Korea. But now I have to send the background check and application to DC, and hopefully it comes back soon! As soon as I found out they couldn’t apostille the background check, I e-mailed my recruiter and told him. He called me about an hour later to figure out exactly what was going on. My recruiter is awesome! He’s really good about getting back to me and helping me.. which is good, because I have no idea what I’m doing and need a lot of help.

And for anyone that wants to know what an apostille looks like…


This is my apostille for my bachelor’s degree. Fancy, yeah? I think so.

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